How to create assignments?

There are two options to create assignments:

Option 1: Create assignments without creating student accounts.
(Read more here: How to get a shareable link and share it with Google Classroom?)

Option 2: [Recomended] Create student accounts and then assign lessons.

Before you assign a lesson, you'll need to create a class with students. (Read more: How to create a class?)

1. Go to the Games tab.
2. Click on the math topic you want to share.
3. Click on the picture theme.
4. Click the Assign Lesson button under the picture you want to assign.
5. Choose a class from the list.
6. Select all students or some students (If you want to select only a few students from this class).
7. Click Assign Now button.

You can see all your assignments in the Assignments tab.
Go to the Progress / Assignment Progress page to see the results of the lessons you've assigned.

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